01 August, 2008

Steam updates

Strategy First Game Collection Hits Steam. Includes:
Save over $200 by the 18th

  • Corkscrews removed when sidewinder camera is used
  • Fixed Pointman/Vegas dropping in 4th lane
  • Fixed achievement exploit
  • [as-wb100] now works as expected
  • [as-monoonly] [as-nogrey] now works as expected

Eternity's Child is now on Steam with exclusive HD resolution, features, and level creator.

Steam Client
  • Fixed not correctly pausing any current downloads when launching a game
  • Improved cache mounting checks. This should decrease the startup time when launching Garry's Mod
  • Fixed startup to only request info about apps once
  • Fixed rare cache corruption caused by defragging
  • Fixed vgui crash when hitting pageup/pagedown in a sectioned list-panel
  • Fixed rare crash when downloading
  • Fixed -voicerelay steam command line to actually force use of the relay

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